A History of Trussville, Alabama

A History of Trussville, Alabama

Trussville, Alabama-Our Home

The land that would later come to be known as Trussville was based along the Cahaba banks. Native Americans enjoyed the land for fishing and hunting until it was surrendered along with the creek land in 1814. White settlers poured into Alabama one of them named William Truss. William settled in building a mill on Cahaba and acquiring 1000 acres. Over time this area came to be known as "Truss".

Trussville remained an isolated rural farming town unmolested until a union army led by General John T. Troxton led a force to burn down a confederate storehouse. He accomplished his goal but the people of Trussville were able to salvage it. After the war education slowly came to Trussville. In 1869 Professor R.G. Hewitt founded Trussville Academy made of logs and housing 100 students. Hewitt made and impact as to today the middle school and high school share his name.

The Railroad

The railroad came through Trussville in the 1880's and the town seemed fit to grow but instead Birmingham found the most growth through trade. Growth would come during the Great Depression in 1938 when the "Cahaba Project" envisioned by W. H. Kestler found land for suburban development. 287 residential units were created along with a high school and a co-op store.

The people of Trussville enjoyed a simple life in the 50's. Swimming in the Cahaba, going to the mall, or visiting the library. Rural homes with one or no cars with only a daily bus to Birmingham for the taste of a city. On June 10, 1947 the town of Trussville was incorporated as old Trussville and Cahaba village combined with Trussville. Trussville still grew slowly with help from highway I-59 but still remained quaint through the 70's.

Modern Day Trussville

Trussvilles largest growth spurt started in 1985, spurred by Birmingham's annexation's mayor Charles Grover started his own. Trussville's population went from 3,500 in a 1980 census to 12,500 in the 2000 census. Modern day Trussville is a rapidly growing community still intent on maintaining it's small town roots. Even with the budding restaurants, retail and, assorted service establishment's, Trussville's motto "Gateway to Happy Living" still rings true. 

We at Best Insurance are pleased to be located in Trussville, Alabama. We appreciate our customers and the people of our great city and surrounding areas.