Protecting the Wedding

Protecting the Wedding

Your Special Day Deserves Protection!

For a perfect wedding day, a lot is involved. There is a lot of pressure with the tight deadlines when organizing say, the sitting arrangement that will favor all the family members and in-laws. It requires great commitment and investment from the couple and their family to ensure a smooth wedding plan with the rehearsal dinner, the wedding itself and a celebratory brunch send-off. Weddings involve many commitment finances and thus the couple should try to make the wedding day as protected as possible. 

Do Your Homework

When planning for the special day, couples should put into consideration a few factors that include research on the vendors and their reliability before making any payments. Check with the Better Business Bureau and getting references and reviews from other sources. Couples should also consider the season during which to hold the wedding as extreme weather conditions like winter and hurricanes can affect the happening of the event and travelling. 

Expect the Unexpected

Planning from the unexpected is always advisable. Unexpected expenses and lost deposits can occur due unreliable service providers or bad weather. Getting a Special Event Insurance is a basic requirement when planning for the wedding. It pays for expenses incurred if the guest is injured or the venue destroyed during the wedding. 


It is a great safeguard of protection of the investments during and after the wedding. In the event the service providers such as the florists, photographers, videographers fail to deliver the services as requested, the insurance can provide coverage. If a damage occurs after the event the Special Event, insurance covers the staging and filming the replacement videos and photos. 


Recently most venues require the Special Event Insurance to cover for liabilities that may arise during and after the wedding. This can be because of damages from drunk guest if the couple intends to serve liquor during the wedding. 

Cancellation or Postponement

The insurance also offers reimbursement of losses and expenses incurred because of wedding cancellation or postpone in the case that one or both members are deployed for military duties. It can also cover the gowns and tuxedos, extending to the cancellations of honeymoon, damage or loss of gifts, counselling if the cancellation of the wedding results in severe emotional distress. The Special Event Insurance covers also the hired vehicles used during the wedding and any auto-related injuries to third party or their properties. 

Vendor Issues

Wedding claims data reveal the most common wedding claims to be venue-vendor related. For instance, vendor going out of business, photos, videos, and flowers not delivered on time and the DJ failing to show up. Others include sickness, injury, mishaps, and extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, vandalism and theft. It is necessary for the couple to look into this data for them to make a choice on what to include on the policy. 

Turn of Events

The couple should purchase an insurance policy before the wedding day to ensure coverage in the event of unexpected turns of events. 14 days prior to the wedding is the ideal time to purchase the cover. The factors to consider when filling out the Special Event Insurance are, type of wedding, potential consumption of alcohol, expected turn of events and the targeted venue. 


Whether the wedding day is near of far approaching, it is always necessary to offer protection to the important investment by the couple. The day should be peaceful, special and enjoyable as is a great start for an enjoyable journey of marriage.