Important Halloween Safety Tips

Important Halloween Safety Tips

Happy Halloween

Halloween is a fun time of year that is enjoyed by both adults and children. However, it is important that everyone stays safe, whether you are having a spooky party at your very own haunted house or you are going trick-or-treating. By promoting some simple safety tips, you can ensure that this Halloween holiday is one to remember. 


It is important to establish a safe environment for children whether it be inside at a Halloween party or going trick-or-treating. For children who want to dress up in costume, whether it is as a werewolf, vampire, princess, pumpkin, etc, there are some essential safety checks to make to ensure that the costume is safe. It must be made from flame-resistant material so as to lessen the risk of it catching fire. Also, make sure that the costume is the right size for the child and does not drag on the ground as it can be easily tripped over. If the costume involves wearing a mask, make sure that it fits properly and that the child can see through it clearly and can breathe properly while wearing it. 

Reflective Tape and Candy Checks

Children who are going trick-or-treating should always be accompanied by an adult and it is important to take a flashlight out with you. By attaching reflective tape to trick-or-treat bags or to children’s costumes will help to make them visible so that they can easily be seen by drivers in the dark. All candy should be checked to make sure it is safe for the children to eat. Throw away anything that is not in its original packaging or which has already been opened. 

Plenty of Light

Ensure that there is a clear, well-lit path to your door for trick-or-treaters. If your children are going out trick-or-treating on their own, it is essential that they are reminded about street safety and that under no circumstance should they go into a strangers home or get into a strangers car. 


Halloween parties can also present themselves with risks and potential accidents whether the party is at your own house, a friend’s house or in a public place. Again, by following simple safety tips you can help to reduce the risks. Opt for battery operated candles instead of candles that are lit with a naked flame. Place all decorations away from any heat source so as to prevent them from catching fire. Make sure that adults know where the fire extinguishers are and that everyone knows where the exits are and that these are kept clear and free from obstructions. If the party is at a public place, check that the venues are up-to-date with their health and safety checks and building regulations. 

By following these simple tips the whole family should be able to remain safe and have a happy Halloween. Please contact your local fire department for more information on fire safety.